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Publications and Presentations

Do memory aids help everyday memory? Do memory aids help everyday memory? A controlled trial of a Memory Aids Service, Bonnie-Kate Dewar, Narinder Kapur & Michael Kopelman
“Am not was” Dewar, B-K, Kopelman, MD Kapur N, & Wilson, BA. Assistive Technology in memory rehabilitation. (2015). In Gillespie, A & O’Neill, B. (eds). Assistive Technology for Cognition, Current Issues in Neuropsychology, Psychology Press, Series Editor, Jon Evans.
“Am not was” “Am not was”: Cognitive- behavioural therapy for adjustment and identity change following herpes simplex encephalitis
pdf.jpg Dewar, B-K. Assistive technology in memory rehabilitation. Paper presentation at Memory Conference, June 14th 2012 at Raphael Medical Centre
pdf.jpg Dewar, B-K, Kapur, N & Kopelman, M.D. Rehabilitation of everyday memory problems in a memory aids clinic. Paper presentation at Wolrd Congress of Neurorehabilitation, May 18 2012, Melbourne, Australia.
pdf.jpg Poster presentation for the 9th World Congress on Brain Injury, held in Edinburgh in March 2012
pdf.jpg Dewar B-K, Wilson BA, Patterson K & Graham KS. Re-acquisition of person knowledge in semantic memory disorders. Neuropsychological Rehabilitation 2009: 19 (3) 383-421.
pdf.jpg Dewar B-K & Williams W.H. (Eds) Encephalitis: Assessment and rehabilitation across the lifespan. Neuropsychological Rehabilitation 2007; 17(4/5).
pdf.jpg Dewar B-K & Wilson BA Cognitive recovery from Encephalitis Lethargica. Brain Injury; 2005 19(14): 1285-1291.
Human cingulate cortex and autonomic control Human cingulate cortex and autonomic control: converging neuroimaging and clinical evidence